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John and Jenn wearing rubber gloves and holding knives, ready to cut a bowl of jalapenos for canning. John looks calm, but Jenn has a demented smile.
Getting ready to can some jalapenos

Fattoria della Gente: Farmers and Animals

Owners John and Jennifer Riedell moved to Ashuelot, NH, in 2017 from the Big City of Worcester, MA. Their goal was to get some space and expand their earth-friendly planting into a full-fledged farm. As planting beds expanded, so has our population, including ducks, geese, chickens, and bees.

Benvenuto a casa!

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Two bulbs of mature garlic with some stems of green garlic, on a pile of garlic scapes

The Farmers

Jawn wearing a hat, standing, and holding a baby gosling.

Jawn has retired after 20+ years in the US Air Force, and spends his time in creative pursuits now. He is an avid photographer, and a keen ability to bend the very earth to his will.

John Riedell

Lead Agriculture; He/him

Jenn wearing an orange Cape Cod hoodie, wearing cat eye glasses, and sitting with two chick on one shoulder, one chick on the other, and a fourth chick on her arm.

Jenn started working remotely before it was cool, and spends the day as a healthcare training specialist. When not talking about Medicare/Medicaid, they enjoy researching genealogy.

Jenn Riedell

Lead Animal Wrangler; They/them

Four Khaki Campbell ducks, standing in front of their house ready to drop a new album

The Ducks

The Girls – Alpha, Bravo, Delta, and Stefano, are Khaki Campbells and joined the farm in Spring 2018. They are quite pleased with their drake-free life, and their eggs are delicious!!

Three Emden Geese standing in their yard plotting

The Geese

Gander Kirk and his girls Spock and McCoy are Emden Geese and joined the farm in Spring 2019. Kirk is fond of Jawn, but not anyone else. Their eggs are HUGE!!

Close up of a Black Ameraucana hen named Joan Jett

The Chickens

Joan Jett and the Blackhens (with their Rooster/Manager Blackula) are Black Ameraucanas who joined in Spring 2020. They are still freeloading.

Blondi the German Shepard is sitting in the snow cocking her head at the camera

The Dog

Therese Blondi von der Hainstadt (Blondi) joined the farm in Winter 2018. She is Very Enthusiastic about security, even if she’s not positive where her territory ends.

Jawn is wearing a full bee suit and inside the electrified fence around the bee yard. He is opening a nuc box to install bees in the Polish hive.

The Bees

We have been beekeeping since 2018 – with “keeping” being the operative word. We have harvested some honey, and hope to continue in the future. Each hive is painted in the flags of our ancestors!

Temmy is a tortie cat, curled up in the foreground on a purple blanket. You can see Sascha, a calico cat, sticking her head up behind her.

The Cats

Sascha the Elder (c.2007) and Temmy the Hunter (c.2016) reigned over the house before The Dog arrived. Today, their hobbies are annoying Dob (Sascha) and bringing Jenn live mice (Temmy).

AJ the rabbit looking out through his crate with his mouth full of shredded newspaper.

The House Rabbit

AJ moved in with us in Summer 2017 – our first experience with a house rabbit. We understand that all house rabbits might not be as awesome as he is. AJ is litter trained, runs over for pets, and has an unrequited crush on Temmy.

Close up of Peanut, a Rainbow Lorikeet with iridescent blue feathers on his head, an orange hooked beak, and orange eyes.

The Parrot

Peanut joined the household in Winter 2016 after his first owner experienced some health issues. He is a Rainbow Lorikeet – a nectar-eating parrotlet native to Austrailia. Peanut has adapted well to New England, and enjoys maple (syrup) sap.


Interested in checking out the farm or ordering one of our products? Email Jenn at Jenn@fattoriadellagente.com to get started!

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